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Cristoph Hoch is a 12th generation winemaker from Hollenburg. He split from his parent's winery in 2013, taking 5 hectares and expanding it to 12, all farmed biodynamically and certified by Demeter. His main focus is sparkling wines, after he noticed that the chalk levels in the soil where he was growing is very similar to that of the Champagne region. In addition to his winemaking, Hoch is also a teacher at the wine school in Krems, where he teaches biodynamic farming.


Hoch works to make sure that the terroir is expressed thoroughly in all of his wines. This Rot (Red) is a blend of three vintages, with older wines adding structure and younger wines adding fruit and freshness. He uses a blend of 80% Zweigelt and 20% Blauer Portugieser which is foot pressed and undergoes semicarbonic fermentation. It is a delicious expression of Austrian terroir.

Christoph Hoch, Hollenburger 'Rot', Kremstal, Austria

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  • Cristoph Hoch has a 12 hectare biodynamic farm and grows companion plants, including mustards and rye, between the rows of grapes. His wines are spontaneously fermented in wooden barrels and aged in used barrels.  They are unfined and unfiltered.

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