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Death is, indeed, the engine of life. - Evan Lewandowski 


Evan is the soul behind the wines of Ruth Lewandowski. He explains that “Ruth is a concept more than a living, breathing individual." He believes wholistically in the approach to the concept of the natural cycle of death and redemption. Simply put, nothing could be alive today without something having to have died first. And he strongly believes that from higher powers above us to the vines and the soil. Evans makes some really fun natural wines out of some historic vineyards in Mendocino County with the care of organic practice and very natural winemaking methods. 


A wild blend  and even better a wine. 


"Vintage 2021 was a remarkably low-yielding year in many of our prized Mendocino vineyards. As a result, we sought out a few new and incredibly intriguing fruit opportunities, building upon our previous vintages’ aroma, flavor, and textural signatures of the Piedmontese varieties we’ve come to know and love in this cuvée. The majority of the blend remains the usual Arneis, Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo carbonic co-ferment. However, we’ve peppered in a smattering of other appropriate carbonically macerated ingredients such as Trebbiano, Pinot Noir, and even a bit of carbo Zin."


-Ruth Lewandowski 

2022 Ruth Lewandowski, "Feints", Mendocino County, California

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    • Soil: Sandy, rocky clay loam. Alluvium is derived from sedimentary rock ainly sandstone.
    • Aspect: North facing slope, west/northwest facing slope
    • Elevation: 650ft above sea level
    • Vine training: Head trained, bush vine (reds) and cane pruned (Arneis)
    • Vine age: ~40 years

    The Winemaking:

    • All Fox Hill varieties picked simultaneously and evenly distributed amongst numerous tanks
    • Full carbonic maceration - duration ~10 days, after which all tanks were foot trodden
    • Short two day maceration post carbonic, then bladder pressed
    • Full native malolactic conversion
    • 5 months on lees, one racking before blending/bottling
    • Unfined and unfiltered
    • Three components received a 20ppm so2 addition after malo, no sulfur at bottling


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