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Cue up your favorite Dave Matthews song and grab a glass of wine and flow with Blenheim. Blenheim vineyards is making some really cool wines out of Charlottesville VA. Rkatsiteli is grape that you will find most spread in eastern Europe. The grape is the oldest white wine grape found in the country of Georgia. Usually known for its Skin contact "Orange" wine capabiites, its super fun to see this wine growing in good ole' C'Ville. The 2019 Blenheim Rkatsiteli is a perfect white for these fall days. Its dry, floral, refreshing and sourced from Horton Vineyards. Its Un-oaked. Notes of peach blossom, apricot, lemon zest.

2021 Blenheim Vineyards, Rkatsiteli, Monticello Virginia

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  • Conscious sustainable farming 

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