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We have never met Gianfranco Manca, but after going into a quick rabbit hole, we would like to.


From what Dressner expresses about him, he is very in tune with the vines, listens to them for what the grapes ultimately need, and yea, is overall an interesting man. The dude seems like a great guy to geek out with about wine. "Pane e Vino" means "Bread and Wine" and  Gianfranco is a trained baker, still baking bread to this day, just not as much since he has to be careful not to let his bread yeast contaminate his natural wine! Native yeast all-day baby. 


In 2008 Gianfranco planted another 1.5 ha of Cannonau from massale selection. The Shugusucci is a field blend, but mostly Cannonau and the only vintage available for the wine is 2017. It's been sitting for quite some time now and the wine will get better with age. The grape gives way to deeper red fruit with, distinguished tannins that soften the wine and open up over time.


2017 Panevino, "Shugusucci" Cannonau, Sardinia Italy

    • Minimal treatments (2g of Bordeaux mix) and plowing, 
    • No use of systemic treatments, herbicides, or pesticides are tolerated at Panevino
    • The vinifications are carried out on the natural yeasts of the vines and cellar culture.
    • All the wines ferment in open-top wood vats, then are aged 12 months in barriques at least three years old.
    • The wines are bottled without fining, filtration, or added sulfites. 
    • The wines are all certified organic by the AIAB, an Italian organic certification board. 

    Source - Louis Dressner Selections 

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