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We know people have questions, you're not alone. Hopefully, this clears up what you're curious about but hey, if it doesn't, feel free to send us a message!


When will I receive my wine?

Well... that depends. For a full breakdown check out this


How do I book RichWine for an event?

Whatever event you have in mind from weddings, corporate parties, and virtual wine tastings we have your wine needs! To get the conversation started, book a time to chat with us here or fill out the "Interested in booking an event" form!


Can you help me pick out wine?

Of course, that's what we're here for! Drop us a message in our "Have a question about wine" form and we'll get you adding some delicious wines to your cart in no time!


Interested in a curated case just for you?

Then The Wine Plug is perfect for you! You select the quantity and give us some background into your likes and dislikes and our team puts together a case with wines we know you'll love. If you're interested in exploring new wines, expanding your palate, or just have no idea where to start let us help you with this curated case option!


Are all of your wines Natural?

Short answer - no.

More in-depth - Our mission is to bring our customers wine from around the world from winemakers that are growing and producing wines in an honest way without sacrificing taste and quality. So while all of our wines aren't natural per se they all fall under some category of natural, biodynamic, honest, or small farms.


Do I have to use PayPay to purchase my wine?

Not at all! You can choose to pay with credit card or debit card when you check out. Just hit the link directly below the PayPal login info.


Monthly Wine - How Does It Work?

Simply put - our team hand-selects four wines that will be delivered directly to your door step the first week of each month with electronic notes on each wine's background, tasting, and pairing suggestions. All wines are pre-selected, special or personal requests can be made and our team will do the best to accommodate but all wine notes will reflect the pre-selected wines. 

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