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To say that this place is gorgeous would be an understatement - its breathtaking. And we are learning that the wines line right up with the beauty of where its made. Domaine Matin Calme was started in 2006 when Véronique Souloy and Anthony Guix bought an extraordinary vineyard of Carignan and Grenache Noir vines, that are more than 100 years old around Belesta in the Roussillon. In soils of granite, schist, and gneiss at 1,500 feet above sea level, Matin Calme is able to grow fully mature grapes of high acidity and great density without developing wines of high alcohol.


We have enjoyed these wines in the past and even more recently, and after a recent mag of the Mano a Mano that we copped from our friends at Celladora we decided it was time to make the move to bring the wines in! The Ose is white blend of Grenache Gris, Carignan Blanc, Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains, Macabeu. Super aromatic and absolutely fresh and alive. All stainless steel gives true character to each one of these grapes and lets the wine really shine. Texture and refreshing weight with delicious acidity and citrus fruit.  Terroir at its purest.


Source - Zev Rovine Selections 

2021 Matin Calme "Ose", Roussillon France


    • The viticulture is Ecocert certified organic and the soils are tilled by hand. The fruit is manually harvested and gently pressed in a vertical press. The wine is never pumped and the fermentation is completed with only the natural yeasts. There is no SO2 used in the fermentation process and in certain vintages, like the 2008, there is no SO2 used at all. The yield is very, very small at 20 hl/ha and there is no fining or filtration whatsoever.

    Source - Zev Rovine Selections 

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