2019 Las Jaras, Glou Glou, Mendocino County

2019 Las Jaras, Glou Glou, Mendocino County



Joel Burt and Eric Wareheim are the winemakers behind the beautiful wines of Las Jaras Wines. In their own words - "our goal is to make delicious wine that has tons of energy and balance. We want them to be vibrant, delicate, and supple all at the same time while also being food-friendly and easy for anyone to enjoy. Our wines are designed to reflect the unique terroir of the vineyards using minimal intervention so you can taste their natural, rhythmic expression. If you are not used to drinking wines made this way, the experience can be a revelation."


The Glou Glou experience that you get from their wines is truly something special and fun. The Glou Glou Red blend gives you a perfect representation of what the Las Jaras has to offer. 


Explosive notes of red berry fruit, "Like sparkles and bright summer fruit", Juicy, chuggable, best served chilled and medium Body. Such a delight. 

  • Farming practices:

    Natural, Organic 

  • Pair with:

    • Grilled foods
    • Pizza
    • Burgers
    • Will easily stand up to spicy food 
  • A Little More...

    37% Carignan, 54% Zinfandel 5%Petite Sirah 3% Pinot Noir 1% Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Most of the grapes underwent carbonic maceration, the classic fermentation method of Beauloais, which means that fermentation happened inside of berries themselves, causing them to explode in happy boozy ecstasy!

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