2019 Floribunda Ginger Cider

2019 Floribunda Ginger Cider


The Floribunda Cider farm is located in a small town called Salorno. Apple farmer-turned-cidermaker Franz Egger grew up in Salorno on the same farm he still produces fruit with to until this day. His parents purchased the property in 1959 and decided to start from scratch and raise Gravenstein (Danish origin) and Jonathan(American origin) apple trees in the palette training system.


Fermented Apple juice and Alpine Ginger. The fungus resistance of the trees originally comes from the Japanese wild apple Malus Floribunda.  Crisp and refreshing dry cider with a beautiful elegant hint of Giner 



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    Natural, Organic 

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    With a deep understanding of fermentation, Franz started
    to make cider experiments from the late ’80s onwards, but they didn’t release their first cider to the public until 2003. In 2013, Franz went through and grafted all their planted rootstocks exclusively with fungus-resistant dessert apple cultivars that allowed him to reduce the amount of organic-approved foliar spray treatments. These cultivars all share a gene from a Japanese crabapple
    variety: Malus floribunda.

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