2019 Cerro La Barca Orange Wine, Extremadura Spain

2019 Cerro La Barca Orange Wine, Extremadura Spain


This is cozy couch wine if we've ever seen it. Pour a glass and put on your favorite sweater— this bottle is like a cup of earl grey tea with orange marmalade toast on the side. It's not your grandma's wine, though it does remind us of sherry. AND it's under $20, so you can impress the whole squad with your pick (without breaking the bank). Equal parts Pardina and Cayetana, equal parts savory and delightful.

  • Farming Practices...


  • Pair With...

    • Soft cheeses
    • Chilled pastas
    • Dessert
  • A Little More...

    Source grapes from 38 hectares of vineyards some 80 + years old. Only organic wine producers in all of Extremadura. Every grape cluster selected passes through their hands guaranteeing the highest quality and allowing them to limit the use of additives in the cellar.

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