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There are no words to describe the magic of Ganevant wines. We thought we knew what we're talking about when we first got involved with the wines...but it just always keeps getting better. There is so much history and so much to be said about the wines from the Jura region. But specifically, those of Jean-François Ganevant located in La Combe de Rotalier. Do yourself a favor. Buy the damn wine and deep dive into JFG - it's gold. The Kopin is a blend of Riesling, Savagnin and Chardonnay. Straight up delicious 


Obviously super limited. Great as a gift for someone or even better for yourself 

2017 Anne et Jean-François Ganevant, "Kopin" White, Jura France

Out of Stock
    • Natural
    • Biodnymic
    • Organic
    • Alchemy (Ha)

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